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AutumnLeaves Housing Consultants

- A peaceful personal care for your housing in Shanghai

AutumnLeaves Housing Consultants is one efficient team of Housing Experts providing full destination services for expatriates relocation to Shanghai, with extensive knowledge, expertise and ten years of experience in handling the requirements of expatriate individuals as well as those under corporate expatriates relocation programs.

Expats home finding / settle-in is the core of our services.

Why us?

Professional, warm-hearted & always maintaining our integrity

- Absolute experts team - No green hand, you are always taken care by our experienced consultant, everything is in control on each step of your relocation.

- Good education in university & cultural work background -  apprehensive in Eastern and Western culture & life, reliable to let your new experiences here pleasant and worry free.

- Appropriate  advice -  working on unbiased view and stand, know clearly what the right work shall do for serving each of our clients.

We believe that each assignment is our another practice of a creative work, we always work on Simply Innovative Housing Solution, with our extensive knowledge, experience and expertise, we are able to reach the best innovative solution to satisfy each client's particular needs.

Human being, inhabiting on the earth ... poetically ...

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