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• What to Bring

It's very difficult to make a "right" list here. Almost everything can be found in Shanghai now, although some (especially imported items) are a little bit expensive. So it's wise to just bring things necessary, do not forget small touches which will make your new home lively, such as family pictures, favorite paintings, special Christmas ornaments or your child's favorite books. You can also bring your favorite furniture or appliances, but we guess you will be interested in gathering some Chinese antique furniture when you are here.

Following items will remind you some basic things.

1. Records and Paperwork

Bring any important records or paperwork that you may need. Do not bring originals that have certified copies made in your country of origin.

2. Certified copies

• Birth Certificate/Adoption Decree
• Custody Documents for Children
• Diplomas
• Marriage License
• Divorce Decree

3. Additional Records & Paperwork

• School Records
• Driver's License
• Bank Records
• Income Tax Records
• Insurance Information
• Immunization Records
• Blood Type/RH Classification
• Dental Records
• Medical Records
• Medical Prescriptions-chemical or generic name
• Moving Information/Inventory of Items both Shipped and Stored
• Pet Shipping Information
• Employment Records/letters of Reference
• 20 Passport photos (necessary for various permit and license)

Check everything carefully before you move, do not forget to consider the preparation of an inventory of your personal items, be sure to make photocopies of all documents such as passports, drivers licenses etc., make additional copies of your checklist, keep one for yourself and leave others with the appropriate people.

- Inventory

1. Take photographs or a video of all your furniture to prove damages in the event of loss.
2. Your inventory should be very explicit for items being imported into China.
3. Date the inventory and make several copies.
4. Have your valuables appraised by a qualified person.
5. Leaves a copy of your inventory with a family member.
6. Record all bank account information and leave a copy with a family member.
7. Rent a safe deposit box.

- Banking

Banking in China gets easier and easier. In Shanghai, bank teller machines are conveniently located around the city. You can use your bank card from home without incurring any bank charges from the Chinese banks and you receive the official exchange rate. Your bank will probably charge the same transaction fee for withdrawals in China as in your home country.

- Insurance

When informing your insurance companies of your move, check whether you are entitled to a refund for your car and household insurance. Check whether they will insure your goods in China and make sure your medical insurance includes emergency evacuation coverage. Insurance on personal items is available in China.

- Packing Tips

1. The moving team will arrive and take control of the packing process. Arrange for young children to spend the day away from the house with family or friends. 
2. Color code boxes according to room.
3. Color code items for air shipment vs. ocean shipment.
4. Clearly mark all items to be packed and hand carried with you on the airplane.


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