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◊ Living in Shanghai


• Expatriate life - Daily Care

◦ General

- Postal Service

Technically, only Post Office issued envelopes are accepted for mailing domestically and internationally. Approved envelopes have red boxes in the upper left-hand corner for the postal code. Envelopes are sale at all post offices.

Sending Packages
Some of the large housing communities have an in-house mail counter where you can mail letters and small packages that are under 2 kg in weight.  Large packages must be taken to a post office.  Packages can often be subject to inspection by custom officials.

Receiving Packages
Large packages will not be delivered directly to you.  You will receive a claim form that asks you to collect the package at a specified post office by a specified date.  If you pick up the package after the specified date, you will be charged a daily fee, and after thirty days, the package will be returned to sender.  Windows open for package inspection from 8:00am to 5:00pm.

- Courier Services

DHL Tel: +86 21 800-810-8000
FEDEX Tel: +86 21 5396 6299
UPS Tel: +86 21 6391 5599

- Florist

Tsao's (Sha) Fleur Express
  Tel: +86 21 6405 5343 (Hongqaio)
  Tel: +86 21 6253 3157 (Downtown)

- Pest Control

Terminix Tel: +86 21 6209 7100

- Veterinarian

Companian Animal Hospital
Tel: +86 21 6385 5905
Shanghai Naughty Family
Tel: +86 21 6268 9507 (Hongqiao)
Tel: +86 21 5875 0777 (Pudong)

- Ask for a help

China Help Line
elp Phone-based interpretation service, helping expatriates in China to solve daily communicative problems.
Hotline: +86 4008 808080
Lifeline Shanghai
life Providing free, confidential and anonymous emotional support and information in Shanghai via the telephone. 10am - 10pm, 365 days a year
Hotline: +86 21 6279 8990
◦ Financial Care

- Banking

ATM machines are located on just about every corner in Shanghai, all the Banks use a common system. You can take cash from any ATM machines of any bank if this machine has "UNION" symbol on the board, whatever you use insert a card of which bank. You will receive the official bank exchange rate on all transactions if you use an foreign bank card, and you may be charged a withdrawal fee by your home bank.

Bank Of China


It's easy to open an account in a local bank like Bank Of China, or open an account in international banks - they also deal with basic RMB business now, but with fewer of sub-branches.

You can open a multi-currency account in either US$ or RMB, and apply a card for this account - this card can be used in most of department stores. You can withdraw cash in ATM or in the bank, using the card with password or account book with your passport.


f Shanghai Branch
Address: Citigroup Tower, 33 Huayan Shiqiao Lu, Lujiazui, Pudong
Tel: +86 21 2896 3333
Lujiazui Sub-branch
Address: 1/F, Marine Tower, 1, Pudong Avenue, Shanghai, 200120
Tel: +86 21 5879 1200
Shanghai Puxi Sub-branch
Address: 1/F, North Building, Peace Hotel, 19 Zhongshan Dong 1Lu
Tel: +86 21 6329 8383
Xintiandi Sub-branch
Address: shop 3, G/F, Two Corporate Avenue, 202, Hubin Lu, Shanghai,
Tel: +86 21 5382 0511

Hong Kong Shanghai Bank

f Shanghai Branch
Address: G/F, HSBC Tower, 101 Yingcheng Dong Lu, Pudong
Tel: +86 21 68411888
Regal International East Asia Hotel Sub-branch
Address: G/F, Regal Intl East Asia Hotel, 516, Hengshan Lu
Tel: +86 21 6473 9898
Hong Kong Plaza Sub-branch
Address: N129 & NB103, Hong Kong Plaza, 282 Huaihai Zhong Lu
Tel: +86 21 6390 8800
Shanghai Center Sub-branch
Address: Suite 106, G/F, Shanghai Center, 1376 Nanjing Xi Lu
Tel: +86 21 6279 8582

- Credit Cards

American Express

f Address: Room 2313-15 Lippo Plaza, 222 Huaihai Zhong Lu
Tel: +86 21 5396 6611

- Insurance

American International Assurance Co., Ltd. ("AIU")

f Address: 7th floor, Novel Plaza, 128 Nanjing Xi Lu, Shanghai
Tel: +86 21 6350 8180
AIU is a member of the American International Group Inc., A US based international insurance organization and the largest underwriter of commercial and industrial coverage in the US. AIU provides insurance for medical emergencies as well as household insurance.

Winterthur Insurance (Asia) Ltd

f Address: Room 2405-2409, 24/F, North Tower, Shanghai Stock Exchange Building, No. 528, Pudong Nan Lu, Lujiazui, Pudong, Shanghai
Tel: +86 21 6882 3351
Found in Switzerland in 1875, acquired by AXA Group 2006
◦ Hiring a Maid ("Ayi")

Many expatriate families employ an Ayi while they are living in Shanghai. While you may not have enjoyed this service back home, it is certainly a great help in Shanghai. Finding an English speaking Ayi is not always possible, but if you are willing to work with the person, you will find even a non-English speaking person is a great help. 

It is best to find one who has previously worked for a foreigner. The best way to find a good one is through "word of mouth". It is important to get a reference from the previous employer. It is important to remember that many of our household appliances are not common in a Chinese home (i.e. dishwasher) so you may need to explain how to use them. To enjoy the benefit of an Ayi, it is very important to instruct her in your way of doing things.

EJLL Home Economics Service

ay Tel: +86 800 820 9185
Tel: +86 21 5108 8321 (Changning)


Fuyong Home Economics Service

ay Tel: +86 21 5415 7566 (Minhang)

Laibang Homemaking Service

  Tel: +86 21 5108 3978 (West Suburb)
Tel: +86 21 5458 2178

Le Yu Home Services

ay Tel: +86 21 5879 6646 (Pudong, Lujiazui)
Tel: +86 21 5879 4546

Mopa Home Economics Service

ay Tel: +86 800 819 0202
Tel: +86 21 5109 8138 (Puxi), 5103 6638 (Pudong)

Pai Ai Domestic Services

ay Tel: +86 21 6819 2888 (Pudong, Kangqiao)
Tel: +86 21 6819 8600

Ren Ren House Keeping Service

ay Tel: +86 21 6374 6628 (Head office, Downtown)
Tel: +86 21 6270 7277 (Branch, Gubei)

Shu Jin Home Service

ay Tel: +86 800 620 5155 (Hongqiao)
Tel: +86 21 6274 5048

Two-sides Home Service

ay Tel: +86 21 3223 0407 (Changning)
Tel: +86 21 6230 1957 (Jing'an)
◦ Homework items in English & Chinese

- Things to Do

Wash Dishes 洗碗碟 (Xi wan die)
Clean Stove 清洁炉灶 (Qingjie luzao)
Wipe down all cabinets 擦拭所有的柜子 (Cashi suoyou de guizi)
Clean Refrigerator 擦拭冰箱 (Cashi dianbingxiang)
Wipe tile in kitchen 擦洗厨房内的瓷砖 (Caxi chufang nei de cizhuan)
Clean windows with spray 擦窗户(用喷雾器 )(Ca chuanghu, yong penwuqi)
Sweep floor 扫地 (Sao di)
Mop floor with cleanser & water 用清洁剂和水拖地面 (Yong qingjieji he shui tuo di mian)
Wash bathroom with cleanser 用清洁剂清洗洗澡盆 (Yong qingjieji qingxi xizaopen)
Clean bathroom tile 清洗浴室瓷砖 (Qingxi yushi cizhuan)
Clean mirror with spray 用喷雾器擦镜子 (Yong penwuqi ca jingzi)
Vacuum floors 吸尘(地毯)(Xichen, ditan)
Clean toilets with cleanser 刷马桶(用清洁剂)(Shua matong, yong qingjieji)
Clean balcony 打扫阳台( Dasao yangtai)
Wipe down walls 擦墙壁 (Ca qiangbi)
Dust Lamp shades 擦去灯罩上的灰尘 ( Ca qu dengzhao shang de huichen)
Iron clothes 熨衣服 (Yun yifu)

- Things to use

Using bleach 使用漂白剂 (Shiyong piaobaiji)
Using dishwashing liquid 使用洗涤剂 (Shiyong xidiji)
Using disinfectant 使用消毒剂 (Shiyong xiaoduji)
Using washing machine powder 使用洗衣粉 (Shiyong xiyifen)
Using spray multi-purpose cleaner 使用喷雾器并擦干 (Shiyong penwuqi bing cagan)
Using dishwasher powder 使用洗涤粉 (Shiyong xidifen)
Using toilet cleaner 使用卫生间清洁剂 (Shiyong weishengjian qingjieji)
Using spray polish 使用上浆喷雾剂 (Shiyong shangjiang penwuqi)
Using furniture polish 使用家具上光剂 (Shiyong jiaju shangguangji)
Using floor cleaning liquid 使用地板清洁剂 (Shiyong diban qingjieji)
Using window cleaning liquid 使用玻璃窗清洁清洁剂 (Shiyong bolichuang qingjieji)

- When You Would Like It Done

Daily 每天 (Mei tian)
Weekly 每周 (Mei zhou)
Monthly 每月 (Mei yue)
Twice a week 一周两天 (Yi zhou liang ci)
Every other day 每周两天 (Mei ge liang tian)
Before lunch 午饭前 (Wu fan qian)
As required 按要求 (An yao qiu)
Monday 星期一 (Xing qi yi)
Tuesday 星期二 (Xing qi er)
Wednesday 星期三 (Xing qi san)
Thursday 星期四 (Xing qi si)
Friday 星期五 (Xing qi wu)
Saturday 星期六 (Xing qi liu)
First thing in the morning 早晨做的第一件事(Zaochen zuo de di yi jian shi)
◦ Useful Telephone Numbers

- Emergency Information

SOS 24 Hour Service (Shanghai) 6295 0099
Ambulance 120
Fire 119
Police 110

- General Information

Directory Assistance (Limited English) 114
International Operator 106
International Directory 116
AssistanceTime 117
Weather 121

- Taxi

Shanghai Da Zhong Taxi 82222
Shanghai Star of Pujiang Taxi 6215 5555
Shanghai Qiang Sheng Taxi 6258 0000
Shanghai Ba Shi Taxi 84000
Qianwei Red Flag Taxi 5863 2029
Shanghai Jinjiang Automobile Service 6275 8800
Taxi Complaints 6323 2150



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