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The Old Houses we talk about here refer to those houses built in old Shanghai before 1949, mostly built between 1920s and 1940s. They are located in downtown and offer a lot of charm of old Shanghai, normally each house is unique and belongs to individual landlord.

Old Garden Houses are those detached old houses with private garden, usually they are colonial style houses hiding behind trees and fence, each may have special history and story.

Old Lane Houses are those undetached houses usually belonging to wealthy Chinese in the past, they usually stay in old compound.

Old Colonial Style Apartments are those extremely luxury apartments offering absolutely Western living in past of old Shanghai, 1900s-1930s. They are very nice locations with pieces and tracks of past extravagant life, you may have timing  illusion if you live in a classic old apartment.

Even though we have near ten-years deeply managed rental database of Shanghai old houses, a good old house is still much sought after - but it is always worth for a real charming Shanghai living.

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